At the ILGA Oceania SGM in Wellington, ILGA Oceania will be voting in a new Board, and officers.

If you are unable to attend the SGM in Wellington, please check back on 10th March 2019 when the Email Voting Ballot Form will be available here to download for your organisation to be able to vote. 

(Terms and Conditions Apply)

Membership Fees

One of the conditions of your being able to vote at the ILGA Oceania AGM is that your fees are paid up for this year 2019, and for the last two years i.e. 2018 and 2017.

If you are unsure how current your fees are, and whether they are paid or not, please send an email to Senka Juzbasic who will be able to confirm.

Membership Fees are:

  • 150 EUR for organisations located in countries listed as "high income revenue" by the World Bank
  • 30 EUR for the organisations located in other countries than the one listed there
  • Larger organizations with annual budgets over 200 000 EUR are encouraged to pay 300 EUR per year wherever they may be.

If you vote and your fees are not current and paid up, your vote and ballot will not be counted and will be invalidated.