Applying for Scholarships

We invite scholarships from Pacific LGBTIQ whose advocacy work is in the Pacific, irrespective of location. We have limited funding but we will try to accomodate as many and as diverse a group as our funding allows, so don't be shy - tell us WHY YOU should get a scholarship! 

Scholarships Closing Date

Closing date for all applications for Scholarships is 23rd June 2018, to allow the ILGA Oceania Board to review, assess and advise successful applicants and any standby applicants in the eventuality that successful scholars are unable to attend to any reason!

Email Contact

If you are having problems with your scholarship application or access to the form or general questions, please get in touch with our ILGA Oceania Secretary Simon Margan at

Decision Time for Your Application

We anticipate advising full decisions by July 7th 2018 for all successful applications to begin the process for mapping our their flights and visa requirements. 

Download Application Form

Download the ILGA Oceania Scholarship Form at the bottom of this page in the Downloads section!


ILGA Oceania Regional Conference Scholarship Form (pdf)