ILGA Oceania Board

Being an ILGA Oceania Board member is an exciting opportunity for the LGBTQI+ organisation you represent to have an even greater input into ILGA World. In addition, supporting ILGA Oceania also ensures that other LGBTI organisations in the Oceania region have a similar voice on LGBTI rights on the world stage.

ILGA Oceania Co-Convenors

Mani Bruce Mitchell


Aotearoa - New Zealand (Wellington) 

Them/They Pronouns

Mani is queer identifying, non-binary - and a intersex person. Mani is  a counsellor, a media consultant and has been involved in the making of a number of films. Mani is currently the Executive Director of ITANZ and has many contacts both in NZ and around the world.  They have been involved with ‘queer’ activism all their adult life.  cares deeply about our community in its broadest sense, and has a desire for it be in a more healthy, just & safer place.

Phylesha Brown-Acton, MNZM


Niue Island / Aotearoa - New Zealand (Auckland) 

She, Her, Female and Niuean Cultural Pronouns

Phylesha is from the village of Fineone Hakupu Atua - Niue Island, and identifies as Fakafifine. She is a trans, indigenous & community activist, who has served LGBTQI+ populations for over 25 years, planting always firmly in fertile soil the Pasifika Rainbow flag, 

New Zealand. She is the founder and director of F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa, a Whanau Ora provider and is the Co-Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN).

Phylesha is a 2019 Queens Birthday Honours recipient, awarded a New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Pacific & LGBTQI+ communities. 

ILGA Oceania Secretary & Treasurer

Bess Hepworth


ILGA Oceania Secretary 

Australia - Adelaide

She, Her, Female Pronouns 

 Bess is an Australian born social media scientist, international speaker, curator, wife and Mum of 2 young boys. Bess has lived in Hong Kong for 12 years and recently moved back to Adelaide, South Australia. Bess currently serves on the board of the International Family Equality Day and has advisory roles for UNDP’s Being LGBTI in Asia and the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network. 

Simon Margan


 ILGA Oceania Treasurer

Australia - Sydney

He/Him Pronouns

Simon is a lawyer accredited by the NSW Law Society, who has strongly focused on anti-discrimination litigation.  Simon has been involved heavily with LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) rights, especially forming LGBTI groups that have a strong democratic and community focus. Over the past 19 years, he has been responsible for the formation and sustaining of a variety of NSW based LGBTI groups, most of which thrive today.

ILGA Oceania Board Members

Emily Dwyer


Australia - Sydney 

She, Her Pronouns

Emily has extensive civil society and NGO experience in South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, &. a passionate advocate for the rights, needs and strengths of people of diverse SOGIESC and co-founder of Edge Effect. With board, fundraising, advocacy, finance and program management experience working with large INGOs and with community based organisations &  a board member of the Urgent Action Fund Asia Pacific. She is a trans woman and a lesbian.

Misty Farquhar



They, Them Pronouns 

Misty is a PhD Researcher at the Curtin University Centre for Human Rights Education, where they also teach locally and nationally, Misty is extremely active in community outreach, education, and advocacy efforts. 

As well as facilitating LGBTIQ+ inclusion training and other projects to support the community, they are the founder of Bisexual+ Community Perth.

Misty’s research explores how people living outside binary ideas of sexuality / gender experience recognition in Australia. They have authored articles in several mainstream publications, and have presented as an invited speaker at conferences around Australia. Misty has contributed to a United Nations report on bisexuality, and has consulted on issues of sexuality and gender with government departments and other high profile organisations.

Prior to commencing their PhD, Misty spent over ten years in community and organisational development leadership positions across sectors. Misty also holds a Master of Human Rights and a Bachelor of Psychology.

Laurent Garnier-Regal


New Caledonia

He, Him Pronouns

Laurent has been defending health and rights of LGBTIQ people for more than 30 years of activism in Europe and Oceania. Entrepreneur, consultant, trainer for adults and teacher at the University of New Caledonia, his actions for human rights began in Europe (France, Ireland, Belgium) and then in Oceania (New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna). First involved in the promotion of health and risks related to STIs (regional president of the association AIDES).

Amasai Jeke



She, Her Pronouns 

Amasai Jeke is an adamant and very outspoken person who adores and thrives in creating awareness and advocating on human rights, mainly on Transgender rights. She works on LGBTQI Rights and Equality for Rainbow Pride Foundation (RPF) and Coordinates the Transgender Reference Group for RPF.

Ms. Jeke is also a member of the Women’s Major Group for Sustainable Development and Women & Gender Constituency for Climate Change Negotiations with UNFCCC which is the United Nations Major Groups on Women and YOUNGO which is the official youth constituency at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

She is also a Working Group Member for the Peer Support Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and the Pacific Urgent Action Hub on Climate & Ecological Justice that works with LGBTQI people in the Grass-root community.

Rawa Karetai


Aotearoa - New Zealand (Christchurch) 

He, Him Pronouns

Rawa has been involved with the LGBTI+ community since before the Marriage Equality Campaign started and was the Campaign Manager in Wellington during the campaign. Since, Rawa has been involved in many LGBTI+ organisations across New Zealand, primarily in Wellington and Christchurch, Rawa promotes ILGA as much as possible. 

Dr. Vanessa Lee


Australia - Sydney 

She, Her Pronouns 

Vanessa Lee (cis woman) is an Indigenous social-epidemiologist, public speaker, cultural broker, poet, educator and social justice advocate who resides in Sydney, Australia.  

For over 20 years Vanessa has focused her career, advocacy and volunteer work on the social issues that contribute to the burden of disease for Indigenous youth, women and the sexuality and gender diverse community. She has actively challenged government policies to positively address the needs of Indigenous people and the sexuality and gender diverse populations. 

Dr Vanessa Lee holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, and has a Master of Public Health Degree from the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. 

Kenneth Moala


Australia / Pacific

He, Him, Male Pronouns 

Ken has been trailblazing for LGBTQI+ health and rights for over 30 years of outstanding activism to advance the rights of LGBTIQ people across Oceania. Ken is a Faafafine, Chaplain and Human Rights Activist from Samoa and Australia. Some of his accomplishments are: Co- Founder: Samoa AIDS Foundation. Co - Founder  & Advisor : Pacific Sexual Diversity Network Founder Elder : Samoa Faafafine Association. 

Vaitoa Toelupe



She, Hers, Fa'afafine Pronouns 

Vaitoa is a proud fa’afafine activist from Samoa and the villages of Malie and Vailele. 

She is the Technical Advisor to the Samoa Fa’afafine Association, and the Fa’afafine / SOGIESC Member of the Samoa' NHRI under the Ombudsman's Office & National Human Rights Institute, Chairperson of National Social Development Sector Committee, Board Member of the Pacific Sexual Diversity Network (PSDGN) & Pacific Regional Coordinator for TGEU's TvT Worldwide.

ILGA World Board


ILGA World is the oldest and longest running non- governmental organisation (NGO), with United Nation (UN) ECOSOC (Economic and Security Council) status, for LGBTI people around the world.

The ILGA World Board is made up of representatives from the 6 ILGA regions; 

1) North America - ILGA NA
2) Latin America and the Caribbean - ILGA LAC

3) Europe – ILGA Europe
4) Africa – Pan Africa ILGA (PAI)
5) Asia – ILGA Asia
6) Oceania – ILGA Oceania

and the ILGA BITWY Committees (Bisexual, Intersex, Trans, Women and  Youth).                                                                             

The two Co-Convenors for ILGA Oceania represent the ILGA Oceania region on the ILGA World Board. Click on the button below to meet the ILGA World Board.